“T” is way excited that his blankie “still” smells like soap. Everytime he says it I laugh. We may need to start storing the spare blankies @ your house! LOL!”

~Jessica (Clackamas, OR)


“Hello Susan,
I wanted to let you know that your soap is wonderful! I purchased some at the Harvest Moon Bazaar, and I have to say that I am so glad that I did. I bought some for Christmas and birthday gifts and all that received them so far have loved them.  Thank you so much, Merry Christmas!”

~Deanna (Boring, OR)


“Yum – I received my order down here in So Cal – delicous soaps! Can’t decide which one to use first – or give them all away? 🙂 Thank you for this little piece of beauty and scent in my day!”

~Marian (Mission Viego, CA)


“Yes, I found the soap! Thank you for delivering it so quickly. I love your soap – have purchased it for myself and to give as gifts in the past. My mom loves your oatmeal soap. She says it works better than anything to heal her hands when she has been out gardening. She lives in Redmond, OR and the water and soil there is really harsh on her hands.”

~Brenda (Gladstone, OR)


“Oh, I almost forgot to wash my hair this morning. I was so excited to use the anise/lavendar soap that I almost skipped the hair washing step. I should have just tried the soap on my hair!! I love it!”

~Donna (Happy Valley, OR)


“Living in this dry and arid climate, I’ve had much difficulty managing dry skin. Your soap has helped so much and now that cold, dry weather is upon us, I’ve decided to indulge in your wonderful soap! I just wanted to send a personal note thanking you for creating something simple and pure that is a helpful treat.”

~MeLea (Highlands Ranch, CO)


“Susan, I am thoroughly enjoying your carefully and lovingly-made joyful soap bars.” :O)

~Karin (Gladstone, OR)


“I bought your most amazing soap @ a farmers’ market in Brandon, MB. Greenfield Soap Co. definitely makes awesome stuff. We are currently using the Geranium soap. Love it! You rock girl!!! I would definitely recommend it.

~Roxanne (Ninette, Manitoba)


“Thank you for the black pepper lavender soap! Can’t wait to try it. But first I am enjoying your carrot seed bar. I love soap!”

~Donna (Happy Valley, OR)


“Good morning, Susan 🙂
I got some of YOUR soap!!!! …….so FUN!!!!!!!!!! Darla gave it to us as a “thank you” for helping at the reception. She had it wrapped up in a washcloth and tied up with a ribbon — so cute!!! I got the Chai Whip 🙂

Now….embarrassingly enough, I think I would be an excellent advertisement for you!!! I decided that since it was good homemade soap, I would give it a try on my DIRTY feet!!!! I don’t think Kelly has ever seen my feet so clean in 30 years!!!! I have gone barefoot all my life, winter and summer and my feet are dirty and cracked. After using your soap, my feet are even kind of “pink” 🙂 and the cracks around my heels are softer!!! woooohoooo!!!! This is a great discovery for me!!! 🙂

I am totally impressed with how nice and straight and smooth the cut is. You must have something special to cut your soap with because I remember the knife my mother used cut it nice and smooth, but because the knife was a little wider on the top side, by the time we got an inch from the bottom, the soap would break and we would have a rough edge all along the bottom.”

~Phyllis (Newton, KS)


“Hi Susan, I just wanted to let you know I love the soap you picked out for me; it feels wonderful on my skin!!!”

~NancyLou (Gladstone, OR)


“Susan – I just wanted to say thank you again for the soap for the “teacher appreciation” baskets that I made up. The soap just finished them off perfectly! I was thinking that I wasn’t sure I liked them, but after I put the soap in, it just really completed them. They turned out soooo cute.”

~Heather (Milwaukie, OR)


“Thank you so much Susan, the gift bags are absolutely perfect and so nice! I really appreciate you getting them all ready. I’m thankful to be able to give them, and thankful for the things people have done for me! I’m blessed to bless!”

~Becky (Happy Valley, OR)


“I am so glad you do this! It is so nice to be able to give somebody a unique, wonderful quality, handmade gift! Thank you Susan!”

~ Becky (Happy Valley, OR)


“Once again I got my order in record time!!! And the gift sets weren’t smushed at all! Beautiful! My moms will love them!”

~Rachel (Racine, WI)


“Hi Susan, the soaps are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much and the special detailing is exquisite! The ladies are going to love them!”

~Barb (Portland, OR)


“Greenfield soaps are the best!  They leave my skin feeling fresh and soft, not dried out. They lather nicely and last a long time–while not getting soft and mushy. Plus, they come in lovely scents–light and delectable, not overpowering.”

~Martha (Portland, OR)


“I LOVE Greenfield soaps! I like the natural scents and they are so gentle to my skin.  They make the best little gifts, too.  Susan always wraps them in a special way.  Everyone in my family got Greenfield soaps in their Christmas stocking this year.  Lavendar is my favorite with Spearmint Orange a very close second!  I could go on and on…. Your soaps really are the nicest little gift to myself!”

~Candy (Milwaukie, OR)


“Thank you so much for the bar of soap you sent along with Kyle for us!  That was very thoughtful and generous of you.  It has a wonderful fragrance, lathers up so nicely, and has such a smooth feel! And, you have such an interesting website, too.  I’ll have to check it out further, and put in an order!”

~Barb (Newton, KS)


“Susan, I love the soap!  Perfect. Thanks again for your EXCELLENT customer service and your terrific smile!  Love,

~Laurie (Clackamas, OR)


“Susan – Do you have any Anise soap in stock?  I purchased some from you at one of the bazaars, and we have used our last bar.  My husband swears by it for fishing!  He hasn’t caught a fish since we ran out. ”

~Trisha (Oregon City, OR)


“I love to give Greenfield Soaps as gifts not only for the high quality and variety of scents, but for the personalized labels.  It is fun to see a friend’s surprise when they open their soap, smell their favorite scents, and see their name (or nickname) on the labels — a very fun and personalized gift to give.”

~Elaine (Canby, OR)


“I have been using Greenfield Soap for a number of years, and I love knowing that I am being kind to my skin with the natural ingredients in these soaps.  I like the wide variety of scents, but I must confess that my two favorites are the plain and tea tree oil.  I have sensitive skin, and these two are great for the shower and even my face.  I have used the soaps for gifts (though they’re hard to part with), and have appreciated the special labels that have been customized for me by Greenfield’s owner.  I heartily recommend Greenfield as a healthy investment for your skin.”

~Pam (Portland, OR)


“I love Greenfield Soaps!  I have been looking for a natural face cleanser that has no yucky stuff in it… like parabens.  After using Susan’s soaps my face feels soft and I can’t BELIEVE the lather!  The soap lathers up a lot and a little goes a long way.  What a great gift for someone you love…or for yourself.”

~Heidi at Friend in My Pocket (Portland, OR)


“I love Greenfield Soap!  It doesn’t leave a scummy ring around the bathtub; thank you!”

~Helen (Newton, KS)


“Greenfield Soap is awesome!  My favorite is Mint Medley; it makes me feel like a stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum in the shower!”

~Sharon (Whitewater, KS)


“I need to order more of your soap for my daughter.  She has eczema, and Greenfield Soap is the only soap we’ve found that doesn’t irritate her skin.”

~Debbie (Portland, OR)


“Susan, I am always scared to try new soaps and lotions because my skin is so sensitive and itchy.  A friend gave me your soap to try, and it’s amazing.  I love it!  I use it all the time now, and my skin loves it; no more itching!  Yay!  What a relief!”

~Eva (Gladstone, OR)


My three boys have eczema and I’m always looking for something natural and inexpensive that will help their condition. Since we started using Greenfield Soap we haven’t had any problem with their skin!  We’re also not as sick as we used to be because we’re not using any antibacterial soaps anymore.  As a mother it makes me feel good to give my family such a good quality product to use!

~Jessica (Clackamas, OR)